American Images Studio crafts limited edition two- or three-dimensional wildlife sculptures of American wildlife and copper jewelry. Pieces are crafted using copper and brass and found object such as branches, antlers, and slate from Granville, New York.  Each piece of the two- or three-dimensional sculptures are cut and assembled by hand.  This work exemplifies the dedication to quality and detail that only handcraft work can achieve.

Sculptures available in a variety of finishes including burnished, natural, or verdigris.  Pieces vary in size and intended placement — small tabletop pieces, wall hangings, outdoor sculptures, etc.  Large sculptures often incorporate found wood and a temporary base, although stone bases can be used instead.

Bob Dienst, Sr., of American Images Studio, began exploring his artistic skills with copper at the encouragement of his wife.

*Commissioned pieces available.  Please call or email to discuss subject and quote.*

Examples of Past Work include:

large fly fishing ties
large mouth bass
series of fish hanging from fishing pole
verdigris fish of various species
eagle heads
flying eagles

*The hawk is a signature piece by American Images Studio.

STEAM PUNK STYLE VINTAGE TELEPHONE. SOLD $350. Email BOB to inquire about similar STEAM PUNK americana.